Honor The Gift Pays Homage to LA Car Culture with Gasoline Collection

Anytime a celebrity or influential figure launches a brand, it’s met with extra scrutiny, even by us. Because as much as we might feel slightly jaded or fans might support for that link, we have to ensure the brand can stand on its own two feet. With Russell Westbrook’s Honor The Gift, he’s created a brand that’s current and doesn’t skimp on the details. Inspiration for the “Gasoline” collection comes heavily from LA’s car culture. The summer heat waves, auto shops, the excessive branding and decals seen throughout the city all translate here, giving us a lineup from Honor The Gift which includes tees, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mechanic shirts, pants and more. Khaki, brown, and navy dominate the color palette with decal and print work aplenty.

See more of Honor The Gift’s Gasoline collection in the gallery and shop the offerings now through the Honor The Gift /Stream online or in store.