Daily Paper Unveils Virtual Reality Experience for SS21 "Future Roots" Collection

Daily Paper is presenting its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, called Future Roots, in a virtual reality experience. The digital installation explores how pre-colonial history influenced a diverse and modern diaspora, and why the sharing of this past is important for community growth. The presentation is centered around three mystical muses — the Royal, Activist and Warrior — who embody the history of ancestors and project them into the future for the present-day audience to continue on.

The collection itself plays with the idea of time, ranging from traditional cuts to futuristic styling. Matching sets arrive in yellow plaid, white, purple and blue, while a range of tees and dresses are branded with bold-type phrases. A collage-like compilation of graphics make up short sleeve button-down shirts, jersey-inspired tees, dresses and more. With its soft color palettes, custom-developed materials and contemporary yet classic silhouettes, the Future Roots collection aims to capture the cultural past, present and future.

Watch the full virtual reality experience for Daily Paper’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection above.

Source Hypebeast